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§ RELATIVE TIME came into being as the vehicle to fuse the many diverse and often paradoxical influences of singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, CHRISTOPHER ARTERS. The heart of RELATIVE TIME music is inspired by artists of the 'progressive' movement. Compositions are ripe with odd and varying meters, altered chording, layers of instrumental and vocal counterpoint and poly-rhythm. In spite of all the complexity, there remains a strong 'song-based' approach, where textures, melodies and evocative lyrics rule. The recipe calls for just enough vocal bombast to drive the message home. 

§ Innovative live performances are also a core element to the RELATIVE TIME experience. The project seeks to escape the traditional 'rock band' format of Marshall stacks and monster drum kits. All percussion is electronically triggered - featuring extensive use of the Zendrum. There are no guitar or bass amps on stage - or off stage for that matter. All tones are generated via pre-amps and other analog and digital electronics. Liberal doses of guitar-synths color the music as well. The result is pristine sound, regardless of the venue and a refreshingly original presentation. Even in his solo performances, MR. A goes the extra mile to include guitar-synths and bass pedals to redefine the singer/songwriter genre. 

§ RELATIVE TIME has always been loosely referred to as a 'pseudo-solo project'. Guest and semi-permanent members are always encouraged and given the freedom to explore from their own perspectives. Their unique qualities clearly shine through - making each 'era' of RELATIVE TIME distinctive. RELATIVE TIME alumni have gone on to work with such diverse bands as YES and 311. 

§ The forthcoming RELATIVE TIME release, titled "FROM BIRTH TO OBSCURITY" will be the first on which all of the instrumentation will be performed by MR. A. There will be guest appearances for some of the elaborate backing vocals that have become synonymous with RELATIVE TIME works, but "FROM BIRTH TO OBSCURITY" will be the closest that a RELATIVE TIME recording has come to a truly solo project. 

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