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I awoke into a dream
Lying alone
A barren, desert scene
Resistance gone

I gave it all to you
My life, my heart, my home
The ends deny the means
I'm lying alone

I read a message in the rocks
It said, "The tide is turning
and you can find salvation
rowing out to you"

Well, that's OK, but no thanks a lot
For I'm so dry - I'm landlocked
I once had salvation
Sold it all for you

I want another dream
But you're the only one I know
Have you been true to me
Or am I on my own

Straight through the heart of things
What you've got, who you know
The ends deny the means
Where's the value in honest soul?

I heard a message on the air
It's more a storm than sea-breeze
In it's path stagnation
Rampant everywhere

I spread my wings - but you're not there
Why don't you choose to see me
I know I might be down
But I won't give up on you

All I ask of you
Let me know your heart's still true

Lyrics and music by C.Arters
© 2004 Relative Timeworx - All Rights Reserved