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A tale of two cities
Built upon a continental divide
Separate but equal
In order to form perfect dis-union

There will be brighter times
Once we embrace the bottom line

Don't turn away
Even though you might be feeling shame
We're all to blame
If we don't find a better way to play the game

There will be brighter times
Once we erase dividing lines

There can't be freedom
Shared in varying degrees
The truth is never easy
Where there's no hope
We can't be free

If still you wonder
Take these bi-focals from my hand
Get yourself a glimpse of life
Below the lines

See the rays of hope
In a distant pair of eyes

Feel the winds of change
In a distressed paradise

There CAN be Freedom

Lyrics and music by C.Arters
© 2005 Relative Timeworx - All Rights Reserved