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The boys in blue say welcome to the show
A place in time you wish you'd never known
But now we're here together
Get to know the real world better
If seeing is believing
Watch the signs -
When you jump, they'll say how high

As the pulse rate quickens
Cops and clowns take their show to another town
Witness how they plead it
"He saw the sign and just walked on by"

When the daylight comes - they're happy
And the nightlife grows - they're laughing
For thieves can't play together
When victory relies on taking enemy lives

The evening news sings welcome to the show
It's ratings time - in case you didn't know
Watching from a distance
Stay inside and you won't miss it
All the cases pleaded
We don't know why
We all know why

As the night air thickens
Cops and clowns gonna throw their party downtown
See it - don't believe it
They saw the signs and just walked on by

When the daylight comes - we're happy
When the night sky glows - they're laughing
But thieves won't play together
When victory relies on taking enemy lives

Lyrics and music by C.Arters
© 2004 Relative Timeworx - All Rights Reserved