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Had a dream that I would be someone
Thought that I would make it grand
Now, I see just what's in store for me
A life of playing one night stands

Days drag on like years, but nights are short
Sleep is my only escape
It's only then that I am free to reach
The goals I set while I'm awake

I had a dream that you'd be by my side
We'd be as one for all of time
You asked me to make the itme stand still
When I could not you said goodbye

So, I guess this is my last hurrah
I need the pain to end... and soon
I only hope someone will remember me
For this autumn will never see a June
I'll be leaving

If you've looked to the sun
To see just how it's done
If you've been Mr. Cool
Been the hero, been the fool
If you've felt the cold hand
Of the leader of the band
As the spiral turns round
And drives you to the ground
Do you look up and sigh
As the tears fill your eyes
You know you're not alone
For the ground is your home
You look to your side
At those who have cried
You see that their pain
And yours are the same
So you don't feel as bad
But you think you've been had
And you want to end it all
Go and take the big fall
You won't change your mind
For the ground's made you blind
You think you still see
You just see what you want it to be

I had dream that I would be someone
But now the curtain's down

Lyrics and music by C.Arters
© 1980/2004 Relative Timeworx - All Rights Reserved