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You see the path before you
Just where the road divides
Only instinct for guidance
You haven't missed a stride

But there's a crowd
Going the other way
Now your road seems
Lonely and long

If you blaze a trail on your own
You take a chance that
You'll be all alone
Inspiration makes its own demands
To see it through
There's one key to the plan

Follow Your Heart
Say you'll think it over, but
Follow Your Heart
Trust imagination and
Follow Your Heart
In every situation

When the world seeks a healer
Couldn't you find the time...?
With an urgent need of vision
Would you pretend you're blind...?

If you conspire to throw your life away
Don't act surprised when its gone

If you try to take it too slow
You'll miss your chance to make it go
When you start to doubt
Your state of mind
Embrace your truth
Leave the rest behind, and...

Follow Your Heart...

Define your life
Show the world
What's inside on the outside
Define your life
It's right before your eyes

Don't just see the light
Be the light
You know what's right
Listen to your guide

Lyrics and music by C.Arters
© 2004 Relative Timeworx - All Rights Reserved