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It is the circle
Standing there for all to see
Something out of nothing
Into something that remains to be

A slice of time
Unfettered at the start
The never-ending canvas
Primed and waiting
To receive your art

Will it be
A candle in the night
Will it be a beacon
Guiding millions through the darkness

For Life

The method's within reach
Observe - perceive - believe
The walk along the arrow
Can be harrowing
To say the least

So many times
Souls tear themselves apart
While spirit's definition is
The union of the mind and heart

Will you be
Equipped to see it through
Supporting the position
Accepting the commission

For Life

Enriched in time
See the circle rise a sphere
A mirror-ball reflection of direction
Through the fields of fear

More than a guide
Somehow brighter than the spark
In phase to metamorphosis
Of rave photosynthetic art

The time has come
The motivation's clear
There is but one vibration
Enhance the resonant sensation

For Life

Lyrics and Music by C.Arters
© 2004 Relative Timeworx - All Rights Reserved