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The other day
I saw the distance in your eyes
When with a word
You left me hanging out to dry
I'd filibuster
If I thought I had the time
I thought our love was fine
But you just changed my mind

I'll see you on the frontline …

I hear they need some help
With communist unrest
I'll pack my bags
Send my Uzi U.P.S.
My mission's slated for next week
I don't know where
Thought that love was kind
But no one seems to care

I'll see you on the frontline …

On the news they'll tell you
That it's going too slow
There's a song they sell you
Then it's time to go

I don't care where your politics stand
For a hot night
Call a mercenary band

I'll give you one last chance
Before I make my way
"Just hold me in your arms"
Is all you have to say
A bullet's gonna break a heart
As sure as dig a grave
You say, "Our love's just fine"
Then you turn away

I'll see you …

Lyrics and Music by C.Arters
© 2004 Relative Timeworx - All Rights Reserved