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Every time the lights get low
I remember all the sights I've seen
Through the dark I feel the glow
See the pictures paint the world I've been

The warmth of a lover in my arms
Trading memories - Sharing charms

The whisper of a promise that I know you've longed to hear
Bittersweet music, a smile and a tear
That adds the flicker to the flame
And gives a meaning to the game

Every time the lights get low
I remember it's time to start the show
Through the dark I always know
Familiar faces are sure to reflect the glow

So I'll play the minstrel for a while
Exchanging glances - Sharing smiles

And I'll whisper that old lyric that I know you've come to hear
But there's much more than music in my ears
For you put the birghtness in my eyes
There's nothing in the darkness
That's not there in the light

Lyrics and Music by C.Arters
© 1980/2004 Relative Timeworx - All Rights Reserved