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Woke up to catch the evening sun
Only in the length of days
Can I make sense of things

It seems the moon has steered me wrong
In advancing shades of gray
Too quick to lose my way

Cleansing nightmares in a pond
Of sweetened café vagabond
Am I holding on to dreams
Or are they holding me?

I can see the dawn
Breaking through the dark
Though it's just a spark
Before the flame
Sure as I can feel the life-blood
Beating in my heart
Tomorrow's just a long, dark night away

Perhaps I stayed away too long
Now my view's no longer skewed
By familiar things

Illusions of invention gone
With the hope and in the fear
Of what tomorrow brings

Dueling demons with a frond
Vanquished by a passing pawn
When intentions collide
Who gets to have the last say?

I can see the dawn …

One hill to climb
One vale to draw the line
One beat to rise and fall
One breath and that is all
One face that has two sides
One heart to be recognized
One pearl that takes so long
One world - one song

Watching faceless gnomes perform
In corporate banker's uniforms
Is that something in your eye
The last great part of me?

I can see the dawn …

Lyrics and Music by C.Arters
© 2004 Relative Timeworx - All Rights Reserved