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One man perched on a mountainside
In time
Too wrapped in thought
Ever to leave his mind
On line - in time

He seeks a fire
To make dimensions bend
For laws and mortal bounds
Can't be the fate of men
In Time

One man trapped in a picture frame
Of time
He seeks escape in endless art display
From time to time

His quest is blind
A spectre paints the scene
The corrupting Midas Touch
Of Earthen dreams

But his heart's alive
With hope and honesty
As long as minstrel's breathe
He will believe
In dreams transcending time

A world trying to run away
From time
In haste, forsakes chances for other ways
Through time

For we're alive
And we can leave our mark
If just a drop of wine
If just a spark

There's truth, it lies
In everything we see
There's immortality
If we believe

Lyrics and Music by C.Arters
© 1990/2004 Relative Timeworx - All Rights Reserved