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all hail the brave freedom fighter
who honorably lays down his life
curse the fanatical martyr
who tortures, murders and lies
for each, the last exclamation
is regret they've but one chance to die
in a world with a twisted obsession
of a sacrifice justified

where do we start tracking terror
is it just what we've seen with our eyes
do we look to tea parties in boston
or the burning of witches and wives
or the soul of grave reservation
for the savage and uncivilized
yes, we each have our own definition
of a sacrifice justified

we can send all our young men to battle
preserving our rich way of life
just don't ask that we open our wallets
for our neighbors to share in the prize
we shuffle our feet to the marching beat
of "Emmanuel Goldstein must die"
while society swings on precarious strings
of a sacrifice justified

when the messenger outshines the message
the purpose is scattered in time
uniforms, flags line the scrimmage
the family of man polarized
reject the primitive, mystic coil
that entangles, subverts and divides
advance the human condition
now, that's a sacrifice justified

just a song... give it meaning

Lyrics and Music by C.Arters
    © 2004 Relative Timeworx - All Rights Reserved