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Strange as it seems, I was on my way home
A young man stopped to greet me
The smile on his face said,
"Don't leave me alone"
At the same time he said he was leaving

The look in his eyes bore the harvest of truth
His 'no compromise' carried wisdom that told me
His youth was an image he conjured up for me

The young man insisted he must travel on
His mood was impracticably happy
He scoffed at me saying my instincts were wrong
And he held the key to the remedy

I asked if he'd only remain for a song
But just as I gathered my spirit
The young man was gone
His image is scarred in my memory

I am haunted by fantastic dreams
Recurring themes
And you

I am frightened by the winter breeze
Religious scenes
And truth

One heart - so familiar
Wrapped in crimson and white
Somehow smaller, somehow weaker
Running headlong to the light

Oh, I feel you beside me
Haven't seen you in years
Your eyes light my night-times
My eyes drowning in tears

Well, oh no, nothing's too easy
Oh no, nothing's too hard
I know love lasts forever
And nothing keeps us apart

Well, I've struggled with the nothing
And I've nothing to say
For I've accepted love as everything
And I've seen it drift away

Lyrics and music by C.Arters
© 2004 Relative Timeworx - All Rights Reserved