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What is... he cries
When he feels he's got to know
What if... she sighs
When she needs a place to go

So it goes...
In the plea for life unending

What is this life...?
Just a qualifying show...?
A chance to reach new heights
Or maybe pay some price below...?

Well, I know of the greed
For life unending
What if I told you
We could make the future
Living for each day
By giving it all away

Let the next words free you:

This life's all there is!
I hope you get it in time
This life's all there is!

This life's all there is!
What a wonderful ride
This life's all there is!
Compose the new means for life unending

Embracing life
Discarding chains of fear
Creating ties
Existing past the scope of years

Take hold of the creed of life ascending
Make note:
If you share yourself
You'll last beyond your days
In ever expanding ways

I hope you get it in time...

This life's all there is!

Let go of your greed for life unending
Playing an ancient part

Means lending
The spark of your life from heart to heart

Unfold a new dream of life...

Lyrics and Music by C.Arters
© 2004 Relative Timeworx - All Rights Reserved